First Glorious Mystery:
The Resurrection
(Intention: To remember the joys to come and to persevere to the end)

[ Recite 1 Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - 1 Glory be to the Father ]

The joy of Your Resurrection fills my soul with exultation and the realization that my body, too, will rise some day. Like Your Five Wounds, my suffering will also shine for all to see. The Wisdom of the Father will be glorified forever as all men see how His plan and will in my life marked out the glory that would be mine for all eternity.

All the trials, sufferings, heartaches, and disappointments will seem as nothing compared to the glory Your sufferings merited for me. They shall all seem like a dream, and the vision of Your face will fill my soul with exquisite joy.

My soul, reunited to my body, will be perfect as Yours is perfect. No evil tendencies will ever again disturb it, no weakness mar its beauty, no separations grieve my soul, no sickness or tears shatter my peace, no regrets cloud my mind.

My memory, like Yours, dear Jesus, will be filled with good things, my intellect will understand the greatest mysteries, my will, ever
united to You, will never again experience the pain of rebellion.

I will love and be loved by everyone and nothing will be impossible for me. The Father will be ever at my side and together with You, dear Jesus, I will roam freely in love of the Spirit forever and ever.