Third Joyful Mystery:
The Nativity
(Intention: Motherhood, Poverty, Social Ethnic Groups)

[ Recite 1 Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - 1 Glory be to the Father ]

We look with wonder at the Wisdom of God as the Promised Woman gives birth to the Promised Messiah in a cold cave! Deprived of all material things, the Splendor of Heaven entered the world - that work of His hands - in abject poverty.

Jesus and Mary want us to know that their love for us is pure and devoid of any selfishness. The Mother of God says to all Mothers, "Let the dignity of your Motherhood rise above created things and the richness of your love cover your poverty."

Can we ever imagine the ecstasy of Mary as her eyes met the eyes of God in her tiny infant? Can our hearts ever feel the agony as she saw His outstretched arms form a cross? Can we in our finest moments ever fathom such love and pain?

Sweet Mother, we want to take our place with the Shepherds to tell Jesus of our love and gratitude. We want to reach out to the men of, all nations just as the Infant reached out to the Wise Men of the East. We want to put aside our prejudice and bigotry and offer the gift of our love to all men.

Obtain for us the grace to see Jesus in the lowly and offer Jesus to the forgotten. Teach us how to be holy, so we may give the Father the glory and Jesus the pleasure of making sinners into saints.