Fifth Joyful Mystery:
The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
(Intention: Family Life and Youth)

[ Recite 1 Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - 1 Glory be to the Father ]

Kind Mother, we cannot conceive the agony of your pure Heart as you looked for your Child for three days. The unspeakable torture of wondering what you had done wrong must have pierced your soul to its very core.

Even the joy of finding Him was mixed with the wonder of why it happened. Today, dear Mother, many families are torn with the grief of those who stray from the right path. Your Son was found in the Temple of the Lord, but our loved ones are often lost on the highways of sin and evil.

Though the place in which we find them is different, the agony is the same.

Obtain for our families a deeper union with the Trinity. Make the father head, the mother heart, and the children members of one another. When the sword of separation in mind, heart or ideals tears the family apart, grant that the healing balm of love may find them in the Temple of God's Will, listening to His voice speaking of harmony in the depths of their souls.