Second Sorrowful Mystery:
The Scourging at the Pillar
(Intention: To overcome the weaknesses that strip us of grace and lead us to unfaithfulness)

[ Recite 1 Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - 1 Glory be to the Father ]

The pain of this suffering often escapes me, dear Jesus, I forget that this incident was not only painful but humiliating. Each stroke of the whip made you wince with pain and the gaze of the onlookers made You feel like "a worm and no man."

Were You thinking of us today as we travel the road of immorality, dope, alcohol and unfaithfulness? Did Your divine eyes see the immodesty, perversion, and fornication through the centuries?

Did the thought of how easily men strip themselves of grace for gross pleasure give You the courage to receive one more blow of the lash, one more wound and one more sneer?

Did the the tears of unrequited love stream down Your cheeks as You saw so many laughingly going to perdition?

Surely, my Jesus, this scourging made reparation for more than the sins of the flesh. Were the welts that began to bleed suffered for
those who tear off the garments of love and clothe themselves in the rags of dissension and disobedience?

Was not one lash marked, "Rudeness" and another "Hate"? And when the scourging finally ended, did Your eyes see some Blood trickling
down and stepped upon as if in derision?

We are sorry, dear Jesus. Cover us all with this Precious Blood and heal our many wounds. Let modesty and purity be our goal and harmony our motto.