Fifth Sorrowful Mystery:
The Crucifixion
(Intention: To forgive and love unselfishly)

[ Recite 1 Our Father - 10 Hail Marys - 1 Glory be to the Father ]

You gave Your life for me when I was a sinner. You loved me, dear Jesus, before I saw the light of day or felt the gentle breeze upon my cheek.

You have suffered and died for me, hounded and pursued me, inspired and drawn me. Your love is totally unselfish, and though I rejoice that I am the recipient of such love, I cannot love unselfishly in return.

You forgave Your enemies and looked away as Your friends deserted You. Is it not strange, dear Jesus, that I still find forgiveness hard and mercy impossible? What is lacking in my life that makes forgiving my neighbor difficult? Is the fact that I cannot forgive myself a factor in my lack of mercy towards others?

Help me, Jesus, to see Your loving gaze as it looked up to the Father with abandonment, at the thief with mercy, and at Your Mother with love.

Grant that I may forgive my enemies and abandon myself to the Father's Will. Let me commend my life and my eternity to His care. Let zeal for the salvation of souls make my soul thirst for sacrifice and let the thought of paradise enlighten my path.

Give me the grace to persevere to the end, and when the journey is over and I have fought the good fight, let the Angels sing the last verse of my earthly song: "It is finished."