Langa, Júlio Duarte
Order in College: Cardinal Priest
With Title: San Gabriele dell’Addolorata
Native Country: Mozambique
Appointed by: Pope Francis on 14 February 2015
Ecclesiastical Office:  Bishop Emeritus of Xai-Xai, Mozambique 
Papal Elector: Not Eligible to Vote Due to Age

Júlio Duarte Langa was born on 27 October 1927 in Mangunze, Mozambique. He was ordained a priest on 9 June 1957 and began serving in parish ministry on mission in Malaisse. He subsequently served as diocesan consultor, a member of the presbyteral council, and vicar general of the diocese. Thanks to his knowledge of many local languages, he oversaw the translation of many Vatican II texts into the principal languages of Mozambique. He was ordained a bishop on 24 October 1976, following his appointment as Bishop of the diocese of Xai-Xai, which had been called Joăo Belo until 1 October of the same year. He guided the vast diocese for almost 30 years, which were marked by a long civil war, followed by the country’s independence in 1992. During his ministry he placed great emphasis on the Church in places which were in particular need, struck by epidemics or natural dis- asters. He was also in charge of the diocesan clergy in the episcopal conference. He retired as archbishop on 24 June 2004. Considered a father-figure by many priests in the country, he is the second cardinal from Mozambique.