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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Jeric Magpayo, Canada Pope John Paul II 4/12/2005
Christopher G. Murphy, United States Condolences 4/12/2005
Vickie, United States A true gift from God 4/12/2005
Ethel Grimes, United States Thank you, Holy Father... 4/12/2005
Marie Morgan, United States AN EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT MAN 4/12/2005
Carlos Humberto Fernandez, United States My Roll Model for Peace 4/12/2005
Patricio, Nicaragua He Died like a Man 4/12/2005
Lelia Wilkie , Nigeria OUR LOVELY POPE IS NO MORE 4/12/2005
Ken and Laurie Poirier, United States Thanksgiving 4/12/2005
Miriam D. La Nasa, United States Farewell Carol, Pope John Paul II 4/12/2005
Sergio Davila Castellon, United States John Paul II' death 4/12/2005
Sr. Elizabeth, United States Condolence 4/12/2005
Maria Rotondella, Canada John Paul II's strength was Christ's Power, Alleluia! 4/12/2005
Theresa and Francis Noll, United States Hard shoes to fill! 4/12/2005
Bl. Titus Brandsma Lay Carmelite Chapter, United States Our Respect 4/12/2005
Patricia O'Keefe, United States Return Home 4/12/2005
Kortmann Chantal, Belgium Totus tuus 4/12/2005
Esther Kollar, United States Thanksgiving 4/12/2005
MaryJane Cantu, SA, Tx, United States Donde Nace La Flor 4/12/2005
francis dominic savio, India condolences 4/12/2005
James DePasquale, United States Pope John paul II an example for all the world. 4/12/2005
Elzbieta i Stanislaw Biali, Canada Condolence 4/11/2005
Lisa, United States It seemed you would always be here 4/12/2005
Hanna Baranowski, United States kondolencje 4/10/2005
BZ, Poland In manus Tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum 4/9/2005
Patricia, United States Do widzenia, Badz Zdrow 4/11/2005
Iwona, United States byłes mi Ojcem 4/7/2005
Aleksandra Hoffmann, Poland Jestes w naszych sercach Klejnocie polskiej ziemi 4/4/2005
Magda, Poland Ojcze Święty dziękuję Ci 4/7/2005
Malena, Poland Nigdy cie nie zapomnimy Ojcze Swiety 4/4/2005
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