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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Carolina Ramey & Family, United States AMOR 4/10/2005
Virginia Cinco, Philippines Condolence for the Holy Father 4/10/2005
Rolie E. Gutierrez and family, Philippines You are still amongst us! 4/10/2005
Matt Sliwowski, United States John Paul II 4/10/2005
caroline macarthur, United Kingdom Blessings 4/10/2005
Beth Groves, United States We will see your face..... 4/11/2005
Georgine McCloskey, United States JOB WELL DONE 4/10/2005
gloria chanady, United States I alway will remember his teaching 4/10/2005
Mary L., United States The View from Heaven 4/10/2005
aba entsiwah-parker, United States You're been missed 4/10/2005
Dolly Sequeira, Kuwait Rememberance 4/10/2005
jaime lopez, Mexico condolencias 4/10/2005
Grady youngblood, United States soul winning crown for christ 4/10/2005
John, United States I touched him 4/10/2005
Lourdes del-Calvo, United States Condolence for the Holy Father 4/10/2005
S.Esther Nogier, Canada Condolences 4/10/2005
Rita D.Crasta, United States condolences 4/9/2005
Katie Collins, United States My hero 4/9/2005
Edeane Ramon, United States Thank you, most beloved Servant of God 4/9/2005
Rita Paul, Malaysia Do Not Fear 4/9/2005
Ramon M., Cuba We will miss you 4/9/2005
Amelia,Luis.Luis Jr and Joshua Hernandez, United States we love you pope john paul II 4/9/2005
Marie Yves Vales- Preval, United States What a tremendous loss! 4/10/2005
John A. Baird, United States Rest In Pece 4/9/2005
Michael M, United States POPE JOHN PAUL 2 4/9/2005
Beverly and family, United States An Inspiration 4/9/2005
Andrea Garcia, United States His cup runeth over 4/9/2005
Elmer, Joanna and Marianna Therese Medalla, Philippines John Paul II, We Love You! 4/10/2005
ED and PATTY WiVeLl, United States CONDOLENCE oF POPE JOHN PAUL11 4/10/2005
Richard Emerson D. Ballester, Philippines Pope John Paul II: We Love You! 4/10/2005
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