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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
phoebe, Philippines Goodbye 4/10/2005
Rebecca Menetre, United States We Love You, John Paul II 4/10/2005
Jason and Bonnie Fazio, United States Our Prayers are with you. 4/10/2005
dante v buan, Philippines Great Pope an understatement. 4/10/2005
Sergio & Caterina, Italy re: Ti vogliamo tanto bene 4/10/2005
Rose H.K., United States condolence 4/10/2005
Sauz Family, Philippines Thank you Holy Father!!! 4/10/2005
Yvette Shore, United States John Paul II, We Love You!!! 4/10/2005
Evnuca Marie Wood, United States Condolences 4/10/2005
Georg Ilaender, Germany Condolence 4/10/2005
JSeymour, United States Thank You 4/10/2005
Maria e Francesco Sabatino, Italy Grazie a Dio per la tua vita! 4/10/2005
Jeanne, United States Thank you 4/10/2005
Kathleen Seronko, United States I'll Miss our dear Pope 4/9/2005
The Carrero Family, United States Intercesion to the Lord 4/9/2005
MR AND MRS THEDORE Gabel, United States our condolence for Holy Father 4/9/2005
Jeff Wolfe, United States Pray for us Pope John Paul II 4/10/2005
James and Enid Hofstetter, United States Papal Condolence 4/9/2005
Joseph Quintana, United States Condolences to the Holy Father 4/11/2005
Jim Mandro, United States Pope John Paul II 4/9/2005
Catherine Day, United States Sympathy, prayers, John Paul II--God Bless You..... 4/10/2005
Rita, United States Thank you 4/10/2005
Fr. Peter Kuligowski, United States Pray for us John Paul II - Novena Masses 4/10/2005
ALITA, United States remembering 4/10/2005
Anne and Yves Marenghi, France In union of prayer. 4/10/2005
Michael Macioch, United States Deepest of Thanks to John Paul II 4/10/2005
Fehr Family, United States Eternal Rest 4/10/2005
SnehaPrakash, Kuwait Condolence 4/10/2005
Ana LaRocco, United States Condolence 4/10/2005
Sara, United States I love you Pope John Paul II! 4/10/2005
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