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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Jan DeVos, United States Pope John Paul II 4/11/2005
Mary Heider, United States Thank you 4/11/2005
Aloysius and Monica Iroegbu and Family, United States Thank you! 4/12/2005
Veronica Catarcio, United States My deepest sympathy 4/9/2005
Stephanie, United States Pope John Paul II 4/11/2005
Jeanette Patnaude, United States To My Holy Father Pope Paul II 4/10/2005
Edgar & Miryam Perez, United States in our hearts 4/10/2005
Helen E. (Matthew), United States Pope John Paul II - ( THE GREAT-EST) 4/10/2005
robin, United States love, mercy and not afraid 4/11/2005
Elaine, United States Thank You 4/10/2005
Linda Field, United States Condolence to Pope JOHN Paul II 4/10/2005
John F.Asquith., United Kingdom Pope John Paul's love and warmth reached out to me. 4/10/2005
Wilson S Villalongja, Philippines My Condolence to the Holy Father 4/10/2005
Tracy Thomas, United States waiting for us 4/11/2005
Dave, United States To say Good by 4/10/2005
Katie, United States Message to the POPE 4/10/2005
janine marie foresh, United States POPE JOHN PAUL THE SECOND 4/10/2005
evelyn de guzman, Korea, South Pope John Paul II 4/10/2005
Patricia Faller Grimes , United States Imitation of Christ 4/10/2005
ANN MERKEL, United States JOHN PAUL II 4/11/2005
Lillian Bolkovatz, United States Death of the Pope 4/11/2005
JO and Vincent Capo, United States In Memory 4/10/2005
Deborah Jones, United States John Paul 4/10/2005
Esther Marie, United States He is a Saint in Heaven 4/10/2005
Mr and Mrs Jorge Vazquez, United States Wish 4/10/2005
Anthony I Kuswandi, Australia Condolences 4/10/2005
Archana Davis, India condolences 4/10/2005
E. B. Baterna, United States Thank You 4/9/2005
Jake, United States Condolences & Hope 4/10/2005
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