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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Madeleine McKee, United Kingdom Condolence 4/11/2005
Sonia Tiong-Aquino, Philippines Intercession 4/11/2005
Ellen Donoghue, United States With Love 4/10/2005
William & Nivert Ghattas, United States Do not be afraid 4/12/2005
Ann Zickgraff, United States Remembering the Pope 4/10/2005
Michael C. Villafranca, Philippines My Holy Father...My Inspiration 4/12/2005
Helconida J. Caraballo, United States In Remembrance 4/10/2005
Mena Dittert, United States Thanks and Rest in Peace 4/10/2005
DiDomizio Family, United States We love you and miss you Pope John Paul II 4/10/2005
Charlotte Noronha, Kuwait Condolence 4/12/2005
Maria Luisa Manzano, United States CINDOLENCES 4/10/2005
tony, Croatia intercession 4/9/2005
JOSEPH HOACH NGO, United States SYMPATHY 4/9/2005
rose marie lomonte, United States O how we will miss him! 4/9/2005
David, United States Pray Fervently 4/9/2005
Jennifer Pasztor, United States A Tribute to Pope John Paul II 4/9/2005
THOMAS R MCCLOUD 3, United States PEACE 4/9/2005
Elissa , United States For Love of Pope John Paul II 4/9/2005
Christopher Zurowski, United States Thank You 4/12/2005
Debbie Graziosi, United States Inspiration 4/12/2005
The Tolentino Family, Guam His Motto, 4/12/2005
gilda, India pray for us Holy Father 4/12/2005
Donna Armijo, United States Father God, Thank you for Blessing us Abundantly with our Precious Pappa Giovanni Paulo II 4/12/2005
Fabian Espinoza, United States Goodbye Grandfather 4/11/2005
teresa h. remo, United States thank you 4/12/2005
Gladys Marhefka, United States John Paul II 4/12/2005
mike, Philippines we love you lolek 4/12/2005
Nina Moreno, United States Rest in Eternal Peace 4/12/2005
Sasha Geerman, Aruba We still love you a lot Holy Father John Paul II 4/11/2005
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