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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
Iigo Incer, United States We'll Miss this Servant of the Lord 4/2/2005
Nell T. Zietlow, United States Message of condolence 4/2/2005
Bruce Mendoza, United States John Paul II Beloved 4/2/2005
Hugh S. Williamson, United States St John Paul the Great 4/2/2005
Antimi Paul, Tanzania Condolences 4/1/2005
William Murphy, United States papa 4/2/2005
Kenzy Christy, United Kingdom He touched my life 4/2/2005
The Stobbs Family, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
Mauricio G. Hidalgo, United States Condolence 4/2/2005
bob borowick, United States John Paul,Holy Father 4/2/2005
Nahum A. Perez, United States We'll miss you 4/2/2005
Carolyn Rhodes, United States Deep Sympathies 4/2/2005
Phyllis A Gagne, United States Pray for us 4/2/2005
Robert, Janet John & Victoria Martz, United States Blessings 4/2/2005
Michael Batt, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
Deacon Hipolito Lagares, United States May the Lord's will be done 4/2/2005
Father John Trigilio, Jr, United States John Paul the Great; Doctor of the Church 4/2/2005
Mr. Phil Hurley, S.J., United States JPII, we love you! 4/2/2005
Brenda and Michael Mcfarlane, Canada With Deepest Sympathy 4/2/2005
Jayne Flynn, United States Pope John Paul II 4/1/2005
Gerard Paul Rusch, United States Prayers 4/1/2005
William Edmund Young, United States Holy Father, Pray for us 4/1/2005
nancy j grant, United States May God Bless the Soul of Our Holy Father 4/1/2005
Jolie Cox, United States Death Of Pope 4/2/2005
Sionadan Jones, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
Ana C. Duarte, United States Condolences 4/2/2005
Tiffany, United States RIP 4/2/2005
Carol Mitz, United States Heavenly Home 4/2/2005
Janet Gattuso, United States Pope Paul 4/2/2005
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