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6395 condolences from 111 countries
           Name - Country Topic Date
John B. Noone, Jr., United States Pope John-Paul II 4/11/2005
Chinyere Okoro, Nigeria Rest in peace 4/11/2005
Edith Margaret K. Musoke-Kibuuka, United States Peace in the World 4/11/2005
Bolger Acuna, United States Great love and happiness lives in heaven 4/11/2005
Renee Zogaib, United States Remembering John Paul II 4/11/2005
Richard Lutchman, Trinidad & Tobago A Great Man Of The Times 4/11/2005
Andrew Omoh, United Kingdom May The Light O Christ 4/9/2005
Rusty Sembrano, Philippines Hoping for same John Paul the Second Pope! 4/11/2005
Patricia Elizabeth Cresseveur, United States Condolences for our Holy and Gracious Pope 4/9/2005
Mary D.Barnett & Gena & Family, United States Condolences 4/9/2005
Jad , Lebanon R u really gone? 4/9/2005
Wendy Cortes, United States Condolences 4/9/2005
mary jane novi, United States A great loss for the Earth 4/9/2005
Amelou Dionisio, Philippines Rest In Peace Holy Father 4/11/2005
Marie Mathers-Ross, Canada Condolences to Holy Father 4/9/2005
Daisy D. Pineda, Philippines Farewell 4/11/2005
Sandie Short, United States To John Paul the Great 4/9/2005
Thomas Sullivan, United States Life of Pope John Paul II 4/11/2005
Charles H. Miranda, United States Thank You For Taking Me To The Lord In Prayer. 4/9/2005
Jean D. Fernandez, Philippines You'll surely be missed 4/11/2005
Brenda Brick, United States Papal Condolences 4/9/2005
Cholie Tanedo, Philippines Farewell 4/11/2005
greg, Ireland john paul II 4/9/2005
Polly Clark, United States Be at Rest O Kind and Gentle Shepherd 4/10/2005
The Framke family, United States Pope John Paul II 4/9/2005
Rachel Therese Golden, United States name 4/10/2005
Teresa Barry, Australia The Saint of Modern Times 4/9/2005
Jacqueline Roman-Alvarez, United States Thank You 4/9/2005
Lona, United States Pope John Paul 4/9/2005
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