"The Pope has created a wealth of precedents. Without the Pope the history of Poland would have been quite different; Solidarnosc, worker struggles, the fall of communist dictatorship served as the gateway for the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The Pope gave Polish popular dissent a moral dignity which were crucial to the course of later events.
- Maurizio Gasparri, Italian Communications Minister

" The Queen remembers the untiring efforts of Pope John Paul II in promoting peace and good will throughout the world. Her majesty also remembers well the work of Pope John Paul II for Christian unity including closer ties between the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches and, in particular his Holiness’s visit to Britain in 1982 – the first ever Papal visit.” - Buckingham Palace, Great Britain

The Pope had "influenced the peaceful integration of Europe in many ways. By his efforts and through his impressive personality, he changed our world." - Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Germany

"The Catholic Church has lost its shepherd, the world has lost a champion of human freedom, and a good and faithful servant of God has been called home." - US President George W Bush, President

"The world has lost a religious leader who was revered across people of all faiths and none. He was an inspiration, a man of extraordinary faith, dignity and courage." -  Prime Minister Tony Blair, Great Britain

 "We have lost a very important religious figure who dedicated his life to peace and justice for all. We will not forget his visit to our land and his position towards Jerusalem." - Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority

"God has called home a great and saintly man. Our sorrow at John Paul II's leaving us should be tempered by the realization that he is finally at peace with the Father. I am sure he is praying for us even now, as we are praying for him." - US Representative Henry Hyde, United States

"At the time when communism was breaking down, finally, and needed strong people who were prepared to push those boulders aside, and to make it possible for tyranny to end in Europe, the pope was ... one of the most important actors in that great (drama). If you look at what happened in 1989 and 1990 and 1991 you cannot but help recognize the tremendous contribution of Pope John Paul II to those dramatic events and, therefore, to freedom, and he didn't stop there. He has continued to be a voice for those who are oppressed, for those who are seeking freedom." - US Secretary of State,  Condoleezza Rice

"He was a man of peace and he has been a great supporter of the United Nations. I recall very fondly my meetings with him, particularly sitting with him in his private quarters discussing the question of war and peace when we were thinking about what to do in Kosovo. He...(was) extremely concerned about the world we lived in, and like me, he also felt that in war, all are losers." - Secretary General Kofi Annan , United Nations

"The outpouring of love across the world is a testimony to the greatness of the pope. The pope is an inspiration to millions of Americans and people all over the world for his great moral leadership."  - Scott McClellan, US White House Spokesman

"Today we lost a hero of our age. Karol Wojtyla lived and died a warrior-saint, and we remember with joy and gratitude his service to mankind. At the news of his death, we mourn, we pray, and we bow our heads in thanks that such men ever live. He was more than a good and holy man: he was a lion." - House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Texas.

"Pope John Paul II was a healer and a beacon of light around the world advocating for the poor, the oppressed and the unborn. He was and continues to be an inspiration to not only the 1 billion members of the Catholic Church but also to all other people of faith around the world. From the Middle East to the former Soviet Union and beyond, he will be remembered for his respect for life and liberty and his message of peace. No one in recent times has worked harder for the greater good of his fellow man than Pope John Paul II. Because of his work, the world is a better place." - US Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert


"The death of Pope John Paul II brings to an end one of the epic stories of our time, even as it reminds us of life eternal. Both an upholder of tradition, and a breaker of tradition, Pope John Paul II did as much as anyone to liberate the victims of Communism. He was loved by all, even those who did not belong to his church. He will be mourned by the entire human family." - Former US  President Ford.

"Pope John Paul II ... touched the hearts of young and old, bringing tears to the eyes of those inspired by his very presence. He provided unparalleled leadership to his church and gave hope to those who had none." - Former US First Lady Nancy Reagan

"We know what the pope has achieved. Fifty percent of the collapse of communism is his doing. After his first visit as pope to Poland, he ended Mass with a prayer for the Holy Spirit to "renew the face of the Earth," words that became a rallying cry. After that we were able to organize 10 million people for strikes, protests and negotiations. Earlier we tried and couldn't do it. These are facts. Of course, communism would have fallen, but much later and in a bloody way. He was a gift from the heavens to us."  -  Lech Walesa, founder of  Solidarity Movement

"John Paul II was a profound spiritual leader and formidable role model for the teachings of Christ. Much will be written over the years about his outreach to people of various world religions and cultures. I just hope the observations center around the undeniable truth that His Holiness not only loved God with his whole heart and soul ... but, loved his neighbor as himself. " -  Mary K. Shanahan, Catholic musician

"I am continually amazed each day how his gifts seem to effect us even after his death. It struck me the other night as I watched CNN what a gift this coverage could be for us. I think that certainly without even realizing it, we have been given this unbelievable witness to the sanctity and beauty of life. Every part of both his life and death have seem to bring us to prayer - to God. The conversations that have taken place with people - avenues to bring people closer to God. Questions that we may never have the opportunity to answer or ask of people....because when else do we discuss matters of faith in the secular world? Yes, even in his death, John Paul is calling us to value our own lives spiritual and human…. - Trish Foti Genco, Catholic musician


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