These three children were educated in the first Franciscan school at Tlaxcala (Mexico).
 - CHRISTOPHER (Cristóbal) was born at Atlihuetzia, near Tlaxcala, in 1514 or 1515. He was martyrized at home by his cruel father, Acxotécatl, who beat him and burned him alive in 1527.
- ANTHONY (Antonio) was the grandson of Xicohténcati and heir to his title and estates. He and his boy servant 
JOHN (Juan) were born in Tizatlán, near Tlaxcala around 1516 or 1517. Both were clubbed to death by Indians at Cuauhtinchán, Pue., in 1529. 
- These three youths were solemnly beatified as Martyrs of Christ by His Holiness Pope John Paul II  in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City on May 6, 1990.


0 Blessed Trinity, I adore your infinite goodness and majesty for the strength you gave the children Christopher, Anthony and John in spite of their tender years. At the very beginning of the evangelization of Mexico, these youths, with zeal for the extension of your kingdom and without fear of suffering, left us an example of sincere and firm faith by their word and martyrdom. For the love you bore these children, soon grant the Church the grace of their canonization, and to us the special grace for which we now pray through their intercession, if it be you holy will. Amen.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be)

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