Early Media Ministry

From Bible studies to mini-books 

Used to giving lessons each morning to the Sisters after breakfast, Mother Angelica was invited by a local Protestant church to teach a Bible study in 1971. Her reputation as a charismatic teacher quickly spread, and she soon found herself with many local and then national speaking engagements. Because of requests for printed versions of her lessons, she and the Sisters began a book apostolate in 1973, printing, packaging, and shipping millions of mini-books and leaflets around the country and the world. By 1978, Mother Angelica began to make television appearances. Her vision for communicating the Gospel took a quantum leap when she understood the potential a small television studio could have to reach many souls. As she began taping series for other networks, she learned that each episode would air just one time and then be shelved. To maintain a Catholic presence on the airwaves, she needed a network. That inspiration for a network became a reality in 1981.