August 15, 1995
EWTN launches first international satellite service on Intelsat 601 for Latin America.

May 1996
EWTN signs contracts with PanAmSat for global satellite distribution.

June 14, 1996
Latin American service re-launches on PAS-3 satellite, the premier satellite for television services in Latin America.

October 7, 1996
EWTN launches television services in Europe.

December 8, 1996
EWTN launches satellite television service to the Pacific Rim.

January 15, 1997
EWTN launches its compressed digital satellite services on the Galaxy VI satellite.

EWTN completes Technical Operations Center consisting of broadcast video servers, digital tape archive and broadcast automation.

May 12, 1997
EWTN becomes the world's first television programmer to use the Hewlett-Packard video file server technology to play out multiple television channels. This technology allows EWTN to provide custom programming feeds for all of its services.

September 3, 1998
EWTN is granted a satellite radio service license by the Radio Authority of the United Kingdom, allowing EWTN to transmit its radio programming via satellite to the British Isles.

December 8, 1998
EWTN launches satellite television service to Africa and its direct-to-home satellite radio service for Europe on the Astra 1C satellite.

July 1999
EWTN moves its domestic playout from the tape-based Master Control facility to the digital file servers in the Technical Operations Center.

October 15, 1999
EWTN is granted a satellite television license by the Independent Television Commission of Great Britain allowing EWTN to deliver its programming directly to homes in Europe.

April 20, 2000
EWTN launches its direct-to-home satellite service on the HotBird 4 European satellite.

April 2000
EWTN acquires new DVCPro field cameras and equipment for expanded field production