Using all available means of communication to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, EWTN reaches millions world wide not just through television but also through short wave radio, AM/FM radio, and the Internet.

December 28, 1992
Through the generosity of the late Mr. and Mrs. Piet Derksen, the world's largest privately owned short wave radio network, WEWN (Eternal Word Network) is launched to a potential worldwide listening audience of 600 million. Located on a 180-acre mountaintop twenty miles from the network's corporate offices, the Eternal Word beams from 4 500-kilowatt transmitters and 8 slewable curtain antennas. Programs are transmitted across five continents in 26 languages, including German, French, Slovak, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. In places were the Word of God was suppressed, programs focus on the basics: the sacrifice of the Mass, devotionals, prayers, Scripture readings, and commentaries. For North Americans, listening to WEWN is much like watching EWTN. Thousands of confirmed listeners from 58 countries, including China and Russia, have expressed their enthusiasm.

January 25, 1996
EWTN acquired Catholic Resource Network (CRNET), a Catholic online service to expand the network's media apostolate to include the largest online collection of Catholic documents.

EWTN Online Services provide Catholic resources 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to anyone with Internet access. EWTN's award-winning web site offers an extensive profile of all of EWTN's programs whether on television or on radio. In addition, EWTN offers one of the largest collections of Church documents, daily Scripture readings, and a team of experts who answer questions on a variety of spiritual subjects. Viewers can watch television programs on-line or listen to radio programs on-line as well.

February 12, 1996
Through an exclusive agreement with the Catholic World News (CWN), EWTN adds a daily news service for EWTN's television, radio (listen), and online service networks.

February 27, 1996
EWTN launches a worldwide AM/FM radio service.

April 11, 1997
EWTN announces Internet broadcast of AM/FM radio signal in RealAudio (listen).

November 24, 1998
EWTN announces launch of radio service on ASTRA in Europe.

January 21, 1999
Launch of EWTN's LIVE television signal over the Internet.