During the first few years of EWTN, many did not know what to make of the world's first Catholic cable network. Headlines from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal called EWTN "A Heavenly Network," and "A New TV Habit." As the press and a growing number of devoted viewers soon realized, EWTN was not just another entertainment channel. It was and is so much more.

As a catechetical network, teaching the faith as given by the Magisterium, EWTN brings the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church to the world through its live talk shows, special events, teaching series, documentaries and dramas and devotions. Unlike many electronic churches on the airwaves which tend to weaken or supplant an individual's connection to their local church, EWTN seeks to supplement the pastoral efforts of local Catholic churches while affirming the unity of the universal Catholic Church: her beauty, her Sacraments, her Traditions, and the gifts of her people.

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