Special Events
When EWTN began broadcasting 24 hours a day, a new emphasis on live event programs helped fill the schedule. As the network began to cover papal visits and Church events, EWTN developed a commitment to cover the Vatican. The network also added to its lineup installations of bishops and their national meetings, beatifications and canonizations, live daily Mass, and holy day events from major shrines.
- Papal visits
By airing these historical events and ceremonies, EWTN's family shares in the universality of the Church's life.
1987 Papal Visit to the
United States

1990 Papal Visit to Mexico

1992 Papal Visit to the Dominican Republic

1995 Papal Visit to 
the United States
1998 Papal Visit to Cuba

1999 Papal Visit to the Americas

2000 Papal Visit to the Holy Land

2001 Papal Visit to Greece, Turkey, and Syria

2001 Papal Visit to Ukraine
- Church Events
Holy Father's Wednesday Audience
World Youth Day
Celebration of the Family from St. Peter's Square
Jubilee Year 2000 coverage


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