God's Providence
As Mother Angelica never tires of saying, the history of EWTN "isn't what we've done, it's how we've done it." Giving all the credit to God and His Providence, she says she didn't have a plan - much less a long-range business plan - when she powered up the first transmitter in 1981. After all as Mother Angelica points out, what could a handful of nuns know about starting something that would become a global Catholic television and multimedia network?

Instead, she has relied on the power of prayer - her own and those of her Sisters. No other network, emerging or otherwise, could rely on such a powerful, hidden, but very effective "business" strategy.

Attentive to manifestations of God's Will, Mother Angelica watched as certain doors in her early media ministry opened and certain doors closed. She knew God's purposes are often hidden and the faithful must simply wait, persevere in prayer, and go through those doors once the light of day - or angels' radiance - shine through them. Some might say she pushed some of those doors down but she knew that God's Providence also calls for action on our part. As the past twenty years reveal, EWTN is obviously part of God's providential plan.

Although she had no guarantee of funding, she refused to worry about the future and the mounting bills, confident that her Heavenly Father would provide their daily bread. Confidence in God brings peace; false security does not.

Mother Angelica is fond of saying "We have to be willing to do the ridiculous so God can do the miraculous." Like tying sheets from tree to tree to show God where EWTN needed a new studio. Or placing a costly short-wave radio tower on a mountain that the so-called experts said would never transmit around the world - all because of a vision of St. Michael the Archangel.

But Mother Angelica is no stranger to the miraculous. She became a nun after she prayed a novena to St. Therese and was healed of a stomach ailment. She came South to build a monastery to honor a promise she made before risky back surgery. A few years before the end of the second millennium, she threw away her crutches, able to walk after another miracle.

God's ways are often beyond our understanding. Who could have imagined what He would do with land purchased from the sale of fishing lures and a television studio converted from a monastery garage? He works in mysterious ways, indeed.