Spanish Programming
Mother Angelica is fond of telling the story of her miraculous encounter with El Divino Niño in Colombia. That story began with a vice president's meeting in 1995 and the EWTN's increasing commitment to evangelize Hispanics. It didn't take a lot of statistics on Catholics falling away from the Church or losing their faith altogether to convince Mother Angelica of the need to bring the Truth and Beauty of the Church to Latin America. To this end, network management resolved to create a Spanish network.

Since 1989, EWTN had already sought to serve the needs of Spanish-speaking people in the United States with 3 blocks of time were allocated for Hispanic programming. This decision was affirmed when EWTN received overwhelming response for its live, bilingual coverage of the Holy Father's pastoral visit to Mexico in 1990.

After that vice-presidents' meeting in 1995, Mother Angelica decided to go to South America to talk to the Bishops and Nuncios about making programs in their specific Spanish accents. Going from country to country where she was enthusiastically received, Mother Angelica was quite moved by the fervent devotion of the people and their hunger to know more about their faith. Inspired to not lose time, EWTN launched a 24-hour Spanish network in Latin America and in Spain in 1996 and in North America in 1999.

To minister to the growing Hispanic Catholic community, EWTN allocated 3 significant blocks of time for Hispanic programming. 

May 1990
EWTN provided live coverage of the Holy Father's 8-day pastoral visit to Mexico.

December 22, 1995
Expanded the network's commitment to a large Hispanic audience with the addition of SAP - second audio programming - to EWTN's programming.

June 14, 1996
Launched a 24-hour Spanish language network.

October 1996
Began distributing EWTN's Catholic television network to Europe in English and Spanish.

June 14, 1999
Expanded the availability of EWTN's Spanish television and radio services into the U.S. market. EWTN, La Red Global Católica, the 24-hour Spanish cable network and Radio Católica Mundial, EWTN's Spanish radio network, are available for carriage via cable systems and AM/FM radio stations as well as over the Internet.