EWTN Time Line - 1983
EWTN reaches 1 million subscribers.

March 26, 1983  
Mother Angelica receives the Italian-American Woman of the Year Award.

May 7, 1983  
Mother Angelica receives an Honorary Degree in Sacred Theology from Steubenville University and gives the commencement address.

August 15, 1983  
First live program airs, celebrating the Network's second anniversary.

September 7, 1983  
Mother Angelica and the Nuns make a recording in Nashville, Tennessee.

October 4, 1983  
Live shows begin on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and included such long-standing EWTN favorites as Father Harold Cohen, Father Mitch Pacwa, and Babsie Bleasdale during the first year.

December 7, 1983  
Mother Angelica tells an EWTN carpenter to tie white rags on all the trees that needed to be cut down where she envisioned building a new studio. People began to ask questions, including some visiting bishops. Mother Angelica said she wanted the Lord to look down and see she needed a larger studio. One bishop asked if it was working, and she replied, "It doesn't hurt to remind Him." A friend came by and asked about the rags and then donated $50,000 to start the building.