EWTN Time Line - 1996






January 25, 1996 
Acquired the Catholic Resource Network (CRNET), a Catholic online service to expand EWTN's media apostolate to include the largest online collection of Catholic documents.

February 12, 1996  
Through an exclusive agreement with the Catholic World News (CWN), EWTN adds a daily news service for EWTN's television, radio (listen), and online service networks.

February 27, 1996  
EWTN launches a worldwide AM/FM radio service (listen).

May 1, 1996  
Mother Angelica has a fourth audience with Pope John Paul II and presents him with a map of EWTN's new international satellites and their coverage.

May 1996
EWTN signs contracts with PanAmSat for global satellite distribution.

May 1996  
EWTN reaches 50 million homes.

June 14, 1996 
EWTN launches a 24-hour Spanish language network.

September 1996
Mother Angelica launches Religious Catalogue, a program devoted to holy reminders. 

October 7, 1996
EWTN launches television services in Europe.

December 8, 1996  
EWTN launches in the Pacific Rim, reaching Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and the Philippines. Reception by viewers and television operators is overwhelming.