EWTN Time Line - 1998
  January 21-25  
Live coverage of Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba in both English and Spanish.

September 3, 1998
EWTN is granted a satellite radio service license by the Radio Authority of the United Kingdom, allowing EWTN to transmit its radio programming via satellite to the British Isles.

September 7, 1998  
"Nuestra Fe en Vivo," EWTN's first Live show in Spanish, debuts with host Pepe Alonso.

October 16, 1998  
EWTN expands into Africa.

November 24, 1998  
EWTN announces launch of radio service on ASTRA in Europe.

December 8, 1998 
EWTN launches satellite television service to Africa and its direct-to-home satellite radio service for Europe on the Astra 1C satellite.