EWTN Time Line - Early Media Ministry
Mother Angelica leaves her Ohio convent to found Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Irondale, Alabama, with money raised by the sale of St. Peter's Fishing Lures.

July 1971  
Mother Angelica teaches a local Bible class and begins what would become an extensive public-speaking ministry.

July 1972  
First mini-books published in response to requests for printed versions of her Bible classes.

August 4, 1972  
First Imprimatur granted for mini-books.

October 16, 1975  
Nuns operate their own print shop to produce mini-books.

March 1978  
Mother Angelica receives inspiration for television ministry after visiting a Chicago TV station. She saw a tiny television station on top of a large, downtown building. When she saw the cameras and video equipment and a few people operating out of a tiny studio, she marveled at how many people were reached by this ministry. As she walked into the studio she said, "Lord, I gotta have one of these!"

April 28, 1978  
Mother Angelica's first attempt to tape an episode was a disaster. The set was too stark and barren, the lights were too bright, the cameras were in the wrong places, and the audio made Mother Angelica sound like she had a high, squeaky voice.

May 3rd through August 1978  
Mother Angelica produces her first series "Our Hermitage" at a local television studio after a close friend hand delivers a pilot to CBN. They requested 60 episodes.

November 1, 1978 
Mother Angelica confronts the manager of a local station where she had filmed 17 episodes of her second series "In His Sandals" because the station planned to air a blasphemous movie. When she said she would not make any more programs there, he told her that her television work would come to an end without their studio and crew. She replied that she only needed God and that she would build her own studio and buy her own cameras. He told her she couldn't do it, and she replied, "You just watch me!" She then asked her construction crew to extend the monastery's new garage 10 feet longer and 12 feet wider to accommodate a television studio.

January 1979  
Mother Angelica appears on PTL.

April 1979  
Mother Angelica has a crew of five working on productions, including a production van that followed her on her speaking engagements. When she learned that her tapes would only be aired once, she realized she needed a network to maintain a Catholic presence on the airwaves.

June 1979  
Mother Angelica produces "Feed My Lambs."

September 1980  
Mother Angelica orders a satellite dish and applies for a Federal Communications Commission License to broadcast.

September 1980  
Mother Angelica invites bishops to submit programming.

January 1981  
EWTN receives FCC license, the first granted to a monastery.

March 8, 1981 
Just before the first satellite dish arrived, Sr. Regina had a vision in which she saw a black sky, a white satellite dish, and a flame emerging from the center. She heard God say, "This is my network, and it will glorify my Son." After the dish arrived a few weeks later, a photograph taken while it was installed reproduced Sr. Regina's vision: a black sky, the white dish, and a red flame emerging from its center. Professional photographers could not account for the red flame. Mother Angelica called it a miracle.

March 19, 1981  
The Wall Street Journal prints a two-page sketch of Mother Angelica.

Spring 1981  
Work begins on the production of additional series.

May 22, 1981  
Silvio Cardinal Oddi, visiting from Rome, blesses EWTN facilities.

June 26, 1981  
Mother Angelica receives papers from Rome granting her permission to carry out her television work after receiving verbal notification on May 25, 1981.