Q: Does your streaming system work on Windows and Mac?

A: Yes. We currently use Windows Media Player, which comes with all PC machines. Mac users will have to download Windows Media Player for the Mac. You can do this by clicking on this link:

Mac users can also use “Flip for Mac,” which converts the Window Media format to play on your computer’s QuickTime player.


We have started using Flash for our US video feeds. If your have a Mac this player comes on the machine. For PC you can download the Flash player at:



Q: How can I make the player full screen?

A: Double click on the video image and it will become a full screen. Press the “ESC” key to go back to player mode.


Q: How do I get your TV and Radio on my mobile device.

A: You can go to and follow the instructions.


Q: I see you link to smart phones like the iPhone and other devices but my Blackberry gives me a "unsupported format" when I try to watch the stream. Why does it not work on my Blackberry.

A: The iPhone uses one method of delivery of streams while the Blackberry uses several. Currently our stream will only work with Blackberry Storm & Tour. Others  devices will be added in the future.



Q: I can not get the live audio or video. What can I do?

A: In all cases: Make sure your pop up blocker for the EWTN website is off. Check the top of your computer page. Most browsers tell you in small print if they are blocking your pop-ups and give you the opportunity to unblock them temporarily or permanently by clicking on the box. The player for our live audio and video is a pop up player and many browsers think it is an ad.

If you are at work: See if someone else can get EWTN’s audio or video on their computer.

If they can, try clearing out your temporary internet folder and your internet history by hitting “Control” and “F5” at the same time. You won't see anything happen. This works in the background. Try launching the audio or video again. If that doesn’t work, see your IT department.

If they can’t, your IT department has probably blocked it and you are behind a firewall. If you could get audio and video before, ask if an upgrade has been done and EWTN live streams were blocked.

If you are at home: Clear out your temporary internet folder and your internet history by hitting “Control” and “F5” at the same time. You won't see anything happen. This works in the background. Try launching the audio or video again.


Q: I have tried clearing my computer’s memory (as you suggested above) and I still have no live stream from EWTN. What’s next?

A: Open Windows Media Player by going to the “Start” button, and clicking on “Programs” and then “Windows Media Player.”

The toolbar at the top of the player should say “File – View – Play – Tools – Help.” If it doesn’t, right click on the very top of the player and select “Show Menu Bar” or “Show Classic Menus” in the white box that pops up.

From the menu bar, select “Tools” and then “Options” and then the “Network” tab.

In the “Protocols” section, be sure that RTSP/TCP and HTTP are checked.

Now, select the “Performance” tab. In the “Connection speed” section, check the “Detect connection speed (recommended).”

Now, select the “Player” tab. In the “Automatic updates” section, be sure that “Download codecs automatically” is checked.

In the “Player settings” on the same page, be sure that “Connect to the Internet (overrides all other commands)” is checked.

Select the “File types” tab. Click the “Select all” button.

Click OK, totally close the player, and try connecting again.



Q: My tuner says “buffering” a lot and drops in and out. What’s the deal?

A: If you are having connection or buffering problems, check your internet connection speed. Slow connect speeds and unstable/old dial-up modems may cause the EWTN stream to “never” play or to constantly buffer.

High Speed Internet will cure this, but if you follow the suggestions in this document, you should be able to achieve an acceptable level of reception.

If you are using a dial-up connection (modem), you will normally get varying connection speeds. Often, the speed is much slower than your 28k or 56k modem is capable of producing. We recommend calling your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to inquire about alternate dial-in numbers. Hopefully, your ISP will have several numbers you can try to get a good connect speed


If you have DSL or cable, your stream may be bogged down by others using your connection, in which case your provider cannot keep the stream going steadily into your computer.



Q: Why am I hearing your stream on a delay from the over-the -air broadcasts?

A: We send our over-the-air signal to a streaming company called Akamai. They process it and then we send it out over the Internet. This creates some delay. More delay is caused intentionally to allow the tuner a “buffer,” which picks up scrambled bits and then reassembles them so that it sounds as if nothing has been missed in the process. Believe it or not, this complicated process creates fewer drop-outs!


Q: Why do you “block” some programs on your stream that I can watch on EWTN television or radio?

A: If a stream is down or something else is playing, we may not have the “rights” to air that program on the Internet. This is rare, but sometimes we only have television and/or radio rights to a program and not Internet rights.


Q: What speed should I select?

A: The player will give you the opportunity to select the speed at which you want to view the streaming video or hear the streaming audio. If you do not make a choice, the player will run a test and determine which speed is best for you. You can always test an EWTN stream at the highest speed you think your Internet connection can manage. If it stutters or stalls, select a slower speed. For steady streaming, select a speed lower than the speed recommended by the test.


Q: When I go to the German or Portuguese stream, the audio or video is not always in that language. Why not?

A:  Currently, EWTN’s French, German, and Portuguese streams only air part-time in these languages. Check our schedule pages (/tv/schedule_index.asp) to see when programs in these languages are playing.


Q: I love EWTN. Can I put a player on my website or blog?

A: Sure. Here is a link to embed the code into your page: /marketing/logos


Q: When I click to view a video, the RealPlayer or QuickTime launches.

A: Try this. Click on “My Computer.” Go to the menu bar and click on “Tools,” then “folder options” and then “file types. Scroll down until you find the “ASX” file type. Now, click on “Advanced” and a window will come up that says “Actions.” Type in: “C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\mplayer2.exe" /Play "%L”   (in some cases just the word 'PLAY'  alone will work.)

Type it just like this, with the quote marks and all the “junk.” Test to see if the audio or video player works. If it doesn’t work, you may have to re-install Windows Media Player.


Q: I’ve emailed you a question, comment, complaint or compliment and haven’t heard back from you today! Why?

A: We wish we could respond to everyone immediately, but we do not have 24/7 customer support. Please know that we appreciate all feedback and try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible!



Q: How can you give EWTN’s streams away for free?

A: They are not free. As Mother Angelica used to say, “We are brought to you by you!” Your donations keep these streams going. Broadband is not cheap. It costs a few cents for every minute you watch one of our live streams. Please remember us between your electric and Internet bills each month.   Donate online.



Q: Why is there a 'commercial' or ad in front of the stream each time I start your program?

A:  We only run these fund appeals when we are in need.




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