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Monsignor Adolfo Rodríguez-Herrera is the Bishop of Camagüey. This dioceses was established by His Holiness Pope Pius X in 1912. The patroness of the diocese is the ‘Most Holy Mary of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple’, popularly known as ‘Our Lady of Light’ ("Virgen de la Candelaria").

Monsignor Rodríguez-Herrera was born on 9 April 1924 in the sector of Minas located in Camagüey. He studied in the Seminary of "Santa María", in the Seminary of San Basilio Magno", both located in the province of Santiago de Cuba, and in the Seminary of "San Carlos y San Ambrosio" located in the province of La Habana. He completed in studies in the town of Comillas in Spain, where he was ordained a priest on 18 July 1948. Upon his return to Cuba, he was named a diocesan assistant to the youth group "Juventud de Acción Católica" and parish priest in the town of Vertientes. Later, he was named Auxiliary Bishop of Camagüey in 1963 and became its Bishop in 1964. He has seniority rank among all the present Bishops in Cuba. As Bishop of Camagüey, he chose the motto: "It is good to trust in the Lord".


  Monsignor Juan García-Rodríguez is the Auxiliary Bishop of the diocese. He was born in Camagüey on 11 July 1948. He was ordained a priest on 25 January 1972 and became Auxiliary Bishop on 7 June 1997.

The original name of the province of Camagüey was Santa María del Puerto Príncipe. It was one of the first five provinces established under the Spanish colonial rule.
The geographical extension of the diocese is 18,671 square kilometers, wih a population of 900,000 inhabitants.

The Bishop’s office personnel includes fourteen diocesan priests, six priests from different religious orders, five permanent deacons, all of whom work on pastoral affairs.

Regarding the diocesan ecclesiastical leadership, Camagüey has one bishop, one auxiliary bishop, fourteen diocesan priests, nine priests from different religious orders, five permanent deacons, thirty-five religious nuns and three religious brothers.

The diocese has two publications: "The Diocesan Bulletin" and "Focus".

News Facts About Cuba