Since asking forgiveness is a requisite for being forgiven, I must be ready to say I am sorry when I offend my brother.

When I see my brother has acquired a sinful habit, Jesus said I must reprove him and if he is sorry and says so, I must forgive.

There are times when a neighbor may offend me and not know it. I must have the courage to bring this to his attention, not so much because of the offense done to me, but because this fault in him may offend God and make him unChristlike.

When he says he is sorry, I must be very quick to forgive and do so as often as he says he is sorry.

I must put myself in my neighbor's shoes, take upon myself his personality, understand his dispositions, and know I would be capable of the same faults were I in his place.

Even though I may not be as weak as my brother in many areas, I must remember I also have my faults and he too must forgive me many times.

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