EWTNKids Parental Review Form


EWTNKids Webmaster
5817 Old Leeds Road
Irondale, AL 35210 USA
Fax: (205) 795-5781

Dear Webmaster,

My child is a registered member of the EWTNKids Clubhouse. I would like to review the information provided by my son or daughter and contained in your database. I realize that for the security of those records it can only be sent to the parental email address listed in the registration. When I have reviewed the record, if I am continuing my permission for EWTN to keep this information I will do nothing. However, if I determine that I do not want such information kept by EWTN I will use the method provided in that email to delete the record.

To identify the record I am providing the following:

Child's First Name: ____________________

Email address of child: ____________________________________
(must match the address used at the time of registration)



(signature of parent)



Please send by mail or fax to the EWTN address above.