Fellowship of Catholic Scholars

The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars is an interdisciplinary society "join(ed) in fellowship in order to serve Jesus Christ better by helping one another in our work and by putting our abilities more fully at the service of the Catholic faith" (F.C.S. Statement of Purpose). It's members aim to "wholeheartedly accept and support the renewal of the Church of Christ undertaken by Pope John XXIII, shaped by Vatican II, and carried on by succeeding pontiffs."

Types of membership are:

1. Member. One who wishes to give the Fellowship spiritual, moral, and financial support and who has been duly elected by the Board of Directors. 

2. Regular Member. One who, in addition to the support described above, (a) has earned a doctoral degree or an equivalent terminal degree, (b) regularly engages in scholarly work, as evidenced by scholarly-publications or some other suitable manner, and (c) intends to be actively involved in the organization, administration, or operation of the Fellowship and in the pursuit of its goals and purposes.

3. Associate Member. One who supports the Fellowship as described above (in #1), but who is not directly involved in the work of academic scholarship (as in #2 above).

In addition to an annual convention, the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars publishes a quarterly journal the FCS Quarterly.

More information on the Fellowship can be obtained at: http://www4.desales.edu/~philtheo/FCS/

Answered by Colin B. Donovan, STL

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