Marian Devotion - Campaign Against

There is an organized movement, made up of millions of non-Catholic Christians of various evangelical and Pentecostal denominations, whose leaders believe it is their mission from God to create a new world-wide apostolic church, distinct from the current denominations, of which they, of course, will be the new apostolic leadership. The main obstacle to this plan is the authentic apostolic Church, the Catholic Church.

This group, therefore, has begun a program of spiritual warfare against the Catholic Church, and particularly against Marian devotion, which they claim is not Marian at all, but the worship of the Goddess Diane. This is a one hundred-year old anti-Catholic libel, that no amount of education and denial by Catholics seems to dissuade its adherents from believing. (see Mother of God & Queen of Heaven) Those participating in this movement, as far as my research and that of others engaged in studying it is concerned, are people who have received the anointing and make up the on-going Pentecostal Revival. Sometimes called the Holy Laughter movement, the Toronto Blessing, the Father's Blessing, the Pensacola Revival and other names, it's U.S. origins can be traced to South African minister Rodney Howard-Browne. The anointing is given by touch, by throwing it at people and, according to their own reports on Protestant networks, even by watching it on TV or on a video. Among its fruits is the phenomenon known as Holy Laughter, but also oinking (like a pig), barking (like a dog), slithering (like a snake), holy glue (inability to be moved), electrical circuitry disturbances and more. An emerging phenomenon is the fanatically zeal for converting Catholics and for ending the darkness of "Mary" worship.

Toward that end, C. Peter Wagner (the author of a book about this new apostolic church) has founded a prayer center in Colorado, the goal of which is to engage millions in spiritual warfare against the Queen of Heaven and the Catholic Church, by name. He calls this plan Operation Queen's Palace. The target period is May 2nd (providentially the beatification of Padre Pio, whose intercession should be employed in this matter) to October 1st, 1999, with a special emphasis on the last week of September. Revivalists are asked to purge their homes of idolatrous things and bring them to a common rite of destruction to be held the end of September. Regional and national leaders are to engage in spiritual warfare against "centers" of idolatry, especially five to be selected in each country and each American state. Unspecified "prophetic acts" are spoken of.

There will always be deluded people in the world, including those who believe it pleases God to attack the Catholic Church and devotion to the Blessed Mother. We should pray that by a singular grace of the Eternal Father, in virtue of the Jubilee of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that they be liberated from the darkness which has captured them and has turned them against the truth.

Answered by Colin B. Donovan, STL

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