Expert Forums Policy

EWTN is happy to provide the opportunity for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to obtain expert  answers to their questions about the Catholic faith and related matters. The moderators perform their services for free despite other significant duties (such as pastoring, teaching, giving lectures or running apostolates ) and are noted for their fidelity to the Magisterium and their knowledge of the material covered by their Forum. They can be expected to give answers that conform to the teaching of the Church, or which represents an educated application of the principles contained in that teaching, or in matters of opinion their opinion. Please keep in mind that where the Church has not explicitly defined a matter even saints have disagreed.

The Expert Forums are not chat forums and should not be used to carry on a conversation with the moderator over one's favorite theological quibble.  There are many chat rooms and newsgroups where participants may engage in dialogue or controversy.

Many times questions are repeats and could be answered for the questioner in a few moments by searching the database of Previously Asked Questions. We have also added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to make answers to common question readily available. We will continue to build up the FAQ page with answers to common questions as time goes on.  Please check these means before asking a question as repeats tie up the Forums and take up time the Moderator could use answering new questions.

In order to facilitate timely responses, especially to spiritually needy questioners, please follow the  policies listed below for the operation of the Forums.

1. The Question.  Assuming you've done a search and checked the FAQ page, please ask your question as simply and directly as possible. Time spent deciphering a lengthy stream-of-consciousness question is wasted time, both for the moderator who answers it and the readers of the Forum. Your question should be edited for readability by you and not the moderator. This will contribute significantly to the usefulness and enjoyability of the Forum for all concerned.

2. One Question per Post. Unless the nature of the subject requires follow-up questions please limit yourself to one main question per post. The temptation to use the Forums to get all of your questions answered, rather than do some research yourself, is understandable. Please resist it.

3. Post One Time. Please post a question only one time. Give your browser time to communicate with the website and notify you that your question has been received or (God forbid!) give you an error message. Please don't follow it up with a "did you get my question?" email.  Multiple posts and follow-up emails delay answers significantly.

4. Be Patient. If you don't get an answer in one or two days you are not being ignored. Sometimes the Forums have backlogs of questions.  We would like to be able to answer in a few days, but sometimes it has taken weeks. The current amount of delay can be checked by noting the question date on the most recently answered questions in that Forum. We appreciate the commitment of time and talent the Moderators have made in being a part of this apostolate. Please don't badger them. It is a free service, generously given, by busy men and women.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. God bless.

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