2000: The Great Jubilee
A series of audio programs reflecting the thoughts of Pope John Paul II to prepare the Church to live in the third millennium.

Hosted by Colin B. Donovan, STL


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1999 - Year of the Father


1998 - Year of the Holy Spirit 


1997 - Year of the Jesus 

1. Introduction: "Tertio Millenio Adveniente 26. The Word of the Father
2. Christ the Center of History 27. The Fatherhood of God
3. Fallen Man Restored in Christ 28. The Holy Trinity in Scripture
4. The Nature of a Jubilee 29. The Persons of the Trinity
5. The Jubilee in Scripture 30. The Word-made-flesh Reveals Man to Himself
6. Preparation for the Jubilee: Vatican II 31. The Incarnation & the Mission of the Spirit
7. Preparation: Vatican II and John Paul II 32. The Incarnation and the Church
8. Preparation: Pope John Paul II 33. Two Natures United in the Person of the Word
9. Preparation: The Recent Jubilee Years 34. The Human Descent of Jesus, "Son of Man"
10. Preparation: Phase I (1994-1996) 35. Eternal King and Eternal Priest
11. Preparation: Phase II, Jesus & Holy Spirit 36. Eternal Priest and Eternal Prophet
12. Preparation: Phase II, Father; Year 2000 37. Bishops, Priests and Deacons
13. "Redemptor Hominis" (Redeemer of Man) 38. Bishops, Priests and Deacons II
14. First Words of the Pontificate / Trust 39. Sacraments - In General
15. Trust in the Spirit of Truth and Love(cont.) 40. The Seven Sacraments of Christ
16. The Church is "Catholic" 41. Church: Communion of Life, Truth and Love
17. Our Mother the Church in the Fathers 42. Hope and Life
18. Office of Peter in Scripture 43. Hope and the Sacraments I
19. "Feed My lambs. Feed My sheep." 44. Hope and the Sacraments II
20. The Church's Universal Openness 45. End Times I: He will come again
21. The Road to Christian Unity 46. End Times II - Christ must reign
22. Mystery of the Redemption: Christ 47. End Times III - Watch and wait
23. Redemption as a New Creation 48. End Times IV - The Final Trial
24. Man: as Created by God 49. End Times V-Overview of the End
25. Man: Fallen Nature's Restoration in Christ