ATHENS, ( - The leader of the Greek Orthodox Church will lecture Pope John Paul II on the perceived injustices of 1,000 years when the Pontiff visits the country next month.

The Holy Synod, the Church's administrative body, announced on Friday that Archbishop Christodoulos will not pray with the Pope, but will instead lay out all Orthodox grievances beginning with the Great Schism in 1054.

"(He) will present with honesty, clarity, theological and historical documentation, all issues of dogma, ecclesiastical and theological, which cause grief, bitterness, and perplexity to the Orthodox world," Holy Synod spokesman, Metropolitan Efstathios, told reporters.

The May 4-5 visit, part of the Pope's pilgrimage to the holy places of the Bible, has been opposed by a vocal minority of Greek Orthodox who have protested in recent weeks and have promised to continue their vocal dissent during the visit.