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1997 Holy City is Mother of All Churches
1999 Pilgrimage to Places Linked to History of Salvation 
Day 1 - March 20, 2000
Jordan: Amman Airport Address
Jordan: Mount Nebo Monastery Address
Jordan: Mount Nebo Prayer Service
Day 2 - March 21, 2000
Jordan: Mass at Amman Stadium
Jordan: Visit to Wadi al-Karrar
Jordan: Prayer Service at Wadi Al-Kharrar
Israel:   Tel Aviv Arrival Ceremony
Day 3 - March 22, 2000
Jericho: Address at Al-Maghtas
Bethlehem: Arrival Ceremony
Bethlehem: Mass in Manger Square
Bethlehem: Dheisheh Refugee Camp
Bethlehem: Visit to President Arafat
Day 4 - March 23, 2000
Jerusalem: Mass in the Cenacle
Jerusalem: Letter to Priests
Jerusalem: Visit to Two Chief Rabbis
Jerusalem: Pope's Speech at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
Jerusalem: Visit to President Weizman
Jerusalem: Interreligious Meeting in Jerusalem
Day 5 - March 24, 2000
Galilee: Mass on Mt. of the Beatitudes
Day 6 - March 25, 2000
Nazareth:   Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation
Jerusalem: Greeting to Consuls General
Jerusalem: Ecumenical Mtg. at the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
Day 7 - March 26, 2000
Jerusalem: Greeting to Grand Mufti
Jerusalem: The Pope's Prayer at the Western Wall
Jerusalem: Greeting to Armenian Orthodox Patriarch
Jerusalem: Mass at the Holy Sepulchre
March 29, 2000
Rome: Holy Father Reflects on Pilgrimage