Visit to Sheikh Sabri
26 March 2000

May all who live here enjoy their rights, live in harmony and bear witness to God

On Sunday morning, 26 March, the Holy Father paid a courtesy call on H.E. Sheikh Ikrimah Sabri, Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Committee, at his office near al-Aqsa Mosque. During their meeting the Holy Father gave the following brief address in English.

Your Excellency,
Distinguished Muslim authorities,

I wish to express my gratitude to you, in your capacity as Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Committee, for receiving me within the Haram al-Sharif which is connected with the memory of
Abraham, who for all believers is a model of faith and submission to Almighty God.

This visit of mine, as you are aware, is essentially a religious and spiritual pilgrimage. Pilgrimage to  holy places is a feature common to many religious traditions, especially to the three Abrahamic religions. I thank God revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jerusalem is the Holy City par excellence. It forms part of the common patrimony of our religions and of the whole of humanity.

May the Almighty grant peace to the whole of this beloved region, so that all the people living in it may enjoy their rights, live in harmony and cooperation, and bear witness to the One God in acts of goodness and human solidarity. Thank you, all!

Taken from:
L'Osservatore Romano
Weekly Edition in English
29 March 2000, page 11

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