Written or spoken messages, often conveying a personal greeting, to individuals or groups. Usually briefer than a letter or an allocution.



1.  J961130B.htm --  VIEW

Petrine Ministry Serves Unity of Faith

Pope John Paul II's Message of November 30, 1996 to the symposium sponsored by The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the theme: The Primacy of the Successor of Peter.

2.  JP2BEIJ.htm -- VIEW

Papal Message on Women's Conference

On Friday, May 26, 1995 the Holy Father met Mrs. Gertrude Mongella, Secretary General of the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, to be held next September in Beijing, China. At the end of their meeting the Pope gave Mrs. Mongella this English-language message.

3.  JP2CHINA.htm -- VIEW

Pope John Paul II Message to Catholics in China

Broadcast over church-run Radio Veritas January 14. Among other things the Holy Father spoke of the need to accept the principle of communion with the successor of Peter.

4.  JP2CHR94.htm -- VIEW

Christmas Message

Pope John Paul II Christmas message 'urbi et orbi' December 25, 1994. Pope John Paul discusses the family as the vital cell of the Church. As he closed the Year of the Family he called for members of familes everywhere to make a mutual gift of themselves for the good of their families and lamented that selfishness and violence tear the greater human family.

5.  JP2CHRIS.htm -- VIEW

Christmas Message to Children

Vatican text of Pope John Paul II's message to children for Christmas 1994. It was dated Dec 13 and released at the Vatican Dec. 15.

6.  JP2CUR.htm -- VIEW

The Cure of Ars

Promulgated in 1986. John Paul II's message to priests about the Cure of Ars.

7.  JP2FAMTV.htm -- VIEW

Television and the Family: Guidelines for Good Viewing

Pope John Paul II's message for 1994 World Communications Day.

8.  JP2LITER.htm -- VIEW

Literacy Is Essential Duty for Man's Future

John Paul II's 1995 Lenten message given on September 7, 1994. The Pope reflects on the 'terrible affliction' of illiteracy and expresses his appreciation for those involved in its alleviation.

9.  JP2MAR.htm -- VIEW

True Human Love Reflects the Divine

Promulgated September 25, 1993. Pope John Paul II's message to married couples in Asti, Italy.

10.  JP2MOVIE.htm -- VIEW

Cinema: Communicator of Culture and of Values

Message issued by Pope John Paul II for the 1995 World Day of Communications, May 28. Released at the Vatican Jan. 24.

11.  JP2US95F.htm -- VIEW

Homily at Aqueduct Racetrack, October 6, 1995

In the Diocese of Brooklyn, the Holy Father invokes the Holy Spirit, the active agent of the Church's mission of evangelization, and challenges his listeners to recognize that the true 'progress of peoples' is linked to evangelization. He asks if there is room in America for the mystery of God's Kingdom and its message of life and salvation. Emphasizing the urgent need to honor and defend marriage and family life for the good of society.

12.  JP2US95M.htm -- VIEW

Catholic Relief Services Message, October 8, 1995

Message, October 8, 1995 during his visit to the USA.

13.  JP2VODAY.htm -- VIEW

Vocation Day Message

Given for the 31st World Day of Prayer for Vocations, April 24, 1994.

14.  JP2WOMPC.htm -- VIEW

Women: Teachers of Peace

Pope John Paul II's message for the 1995 World Day of Peace, Jan. 1, 1995.

15.  JP2WWII.htm -- VIEW

50th Anniversary of the End of World War Two

Message for the celebration of the end of the Second World War in Europe.

16.  JP820513.htm -- 12/31/96 VIEW

Message of Mary's Maternal Love

On Thursday, 13 May, the second day of Pope John Paul's 1982 pilgrimage to Portugal, the Holy Father visited Fatima to commemorate in a very special way the first anniversary of the attempt on his life and the sixty-fifth anniversary of Our Lady's first apparition at Fatima. During the Mass at the Shrine the Holy Father delivered this homily.

17.  JP950625.htm -- VIEW

Culture of Equality is Urgently Needed Today

'The Gospel message about women however has lost none of its timeliness,' the Holy Father said in His Angelus reflection on June 25, 1995.

18.  JP950716.htm -- VIEW

Mission of Motherhood Makes Woman A Guardian of Life

Angelus Message, July 16, 1995 'Woman's singular relationship with human life derives from her vocation to motherhood'.

19.  JP951105.htm -- VIEW

Revelation Invites Us to Communion and Life

Angelus Message on Vatican II Document 'Dei Verbum', 11/5/95

20.  JP951126.htm -- VIEW

World Youth Day 1996

Message to Young People for the 11th World Youth Day in 1996.

21.  JP951225.htm -- VIEW

Christmas 1995 Message - Urbi et Orbi

Message to the City and the World.

22.  JP95629A.htm -- VIEW

Angelus Message, June 29, 1995

The Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul.

23.  JP96-815.htm -- 10/29/96 VIEW

Mary Leads Us to Eucharist

The Holy Father's August 15, 1996 message to those attending the 19th International Marian Congress in Czestochowa, Poland, on August 24-26.

24.  JP960218.htm -- VIEW

Relativism Is Not Basis of Religious Freedom

Angelus Message, February 18, 1996.

25.  JP960407.htm -- 4/30/96 VIEW

To Those Who Share in His Triumph Over Death The Lord Grants Courage to Build Up a New Humanity

Easter Message April 7, 1996 .

26.  JP960423.htm -- 6/20/96 VIEW

Reaffirm the Culture of LIfe!

The Holy Father's message to those attending an international congress held in Rome on 22-24 April sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Family, the Bioethics Institute of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, and the Pontifical Athenaeum  for the anniversary of the Encyclical  written on April 23, 1996.

27.  JP960428.htm -- 5/23/96 VIEW

The Apostles Experience of the Risen Christ Is Entirely Credible

Angelus Message of April 28, 1996.

28.  JP960505.htm -- 5/23/96 VIEW

Mary Is the Mother Who Intercedes for Everyone

Angelus message for May 5, 1996.

29.  JP960911.htm -- 10/9/96 VIEW

Church Commemorates Thousand-Year Old Roots

The Holy Father's General Audience message for September 11, 1996.

30.  JP960915.htm -- 10/9/96 VIEW

Jesus of Nazareth is Heart of Christian Faith

The Holy Father's Angelus message for September 15, 1996.

31.  JP960929.htm -- 10/15/96 VIEW

Eastern Spirituality Emphasizes the 'Heart'

The Holy Father's Angelus message for September 29, 1996.

32.  JP961018.htm -- 12/2/96 VIEW

Mary Says: 'Do Whatever He Tells You'

Message for 1997 World Day of the Sick (February 11, 1997, Fatima) Pope John Paul II October 18, 1996.

33.  JP961028.htm -- 12/31/96 VIEW

Renewed Biblical Catechesis Will Lead to A More Incisive Promotion of Vocations

Message for 34th World Day of Prayer for Vocations, celebrated on the Fourth Sunday of Easter, April 20, 1997. Written and dated October 28, 1996.

34.  JP961109.htm -- 12/2/96 VIEW

Seek to be active in life of your local Church

To Catholic Charismatics, November 9, 1996, message to participants in the Seventh International Meeting of the Catholic Fraternity of Covenant Communities and Fellowships.

35.  JP961201.htm -- 12/15/96 VIEW

We Cry Out: Save Us, O Saviour of the World!

The Holy Father's December 1, 1996 Angelus message is a reflection on Advent and the beginning of the preparatory period for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.

36.  JP961225.htm -- 1/12/97 VIEW

Love One Another as Brothers and Sisters

Christmas Message and Blessing to City and World Urbi et Orbi, 1996.

37.  JP961229.htm -- 1/12/97 VIEW

Fidelity of Husband and Wife Stands Like a Solid Rock on which Children's Trust Rests

"The message that comes from the Holy Family is first and foremost a message of faith: the house of Nazareth is a home which truly centers on God", the Holy said before he prayed the Angelus on December 29, 1996.

38.  JP96821.htm -- 10/9/96 VIEW

Show Concern for Plight of Migrants

Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees 1997 given on August 21, 1996.

39.  JP96VOC.htm -- VIEW

Message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations for Fourth Sunday of Easter

April 28, 1996.

40.  JP96YOUT.htm -- 9/11/96 VIEW

'Teacher, where are you staying? Come and see'

This is the theme chosen by the Holy Father for the 12th World Youth Day to be held in Paris in 1997. In his Message the Pope invites us to reflect on these words of the Gospel in preparation for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000. This file contains a translation of his Message, dated 15 August, which was written in Italian.

41.  JP970101.htm -- 12/26/96 VIEW

Offer Forgiveness and Receive Peace

"With deep conviction therefore I wish to appeal to everyone to seek peace along the paths of forgiveness. Forgiveness is inspired by love, that love which God has for every man and woman, for every people and nation, and for the whole human family." The Holy Father's Message for the World Day of Peace, January 1, 1997.

42.  JP970122.htm -- VIEW

We Preach a Message of Reconciliation

"There have been ... smart but significant steps towards the reconciliation of hearts and minds. The Spirit of God will guide us to complete, mutual understanding and to the desired goal of full communion", the Holy Father said at the General Audience of January 22, 1997, as he reflected on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The Pope made special reference to the visits he received last year from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Catholicos of All Armenians.

43.  JP970130.htm -- 2/18/97 VIEW

Jubilee Will Focus World Attention on Rome

"With renewed vigour the Church wishes to present to every Christian living in Rome and to all its citizens the message of salvation which is incarnate in the person, words and deeds of Jesus Christ', the Holy Father said to the Hon. Francesco Rutelli, Mayor of Rome, and to the members of the city's Capitoline Administration, whom he received in audience on January 30, 1997. The theme of the Pope's speech was the importance of preparing Rome properly for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.

44.  JP971206.htm -- VIEW

A Great History Still To Be Achieved

"The celebration of the World Day for Consecrated Life which will be observed for the first time on 2 February, is intended to help the entire Church to esteem ever more greatly the witness of those persons who have chosen to follow Christ by means of the practice of the evangelical counsels and, at the same time, is intended to be a suitable occasion for consecrated persons to renew their commitment and rekindle the fervour which should inspire their offering of themselves to the Lord", the Holy Father said in his Message for the first World Day for Consecrated Life. Here is a translation of his Message, which was written in Italian and dated Janurary 6, 1997.

45.  JP971224.htm -- VIEW

Communicating Way, Truth and Life

"In the Church, the year 1997, as the first part of a three-year period of preparation for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, is being devoted to reflection on Christ, the Word of God, made man by the power of the Holy Spirit. Appropriately therefore the theme of World Communications Day is 'Communicating Jesus Christ: the Way, the Truth and the Life'", the Holy Father said in his Message for the 31st World Communications Day, to be held on May 11, 1997. Here is the English text of his Message, which was dated January 24, 1997, the memorial of St. Francis de Sales patron of the Catholic press.

46.  JP97214.htm -- VIEW

Church Defends Moral Rights of Citizens

The Church "will make use of all available means to defend life from conception to its natural end. For this reason, when radically unjust legislation is introduced, such as abortion and euthanasia, she will continue to be the faithful and staunch defender of the moral rights of citizens who seek to have their convictions respected", the Holy Father said to H.E. Mr. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, when he received him in audience during his official visit on Friday, February 14, 1997. The Pope stated that it is the Christian message that sheds full light on man and authentic human progress.

47.  JP97LENT.htm -- VIEW

Developing Special Concern for the Homeless

Pope John Paul II's Lent 1997 message for the first year of preparation for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.

48.  JPLENT96.htm -- VIEW

1996 Lenten Message

'Give them something to eat' (Mt 14:16).