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Alberto Martinez Piedra

Place of Birth: Cuba

Marital Status: Married

Education: University of Havana, Doctor in Law; University of Madrid, Doctor in Political Economy; Georgetown University, Ph.D. in Economics

Professional Experience: (Most Current)

1984 - 1987 United States Ambassador to Guatemala

1987 - 88 Senior Area Advisor for Latin America, United States  Mission to the United Nations

1988 - 1994 Chairman, Department of Economics and Business, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

1994 - Present Ordinary Professor, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

Fr. C. John McCloskey, III, STD:

Priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei and is the Director of the Catholic Information Center of the Archdiocese of Washington. A native of Washington, D.C.
Graduated from Columbia University majoring in Economics in l975 . After having worked professionally on Wall Street for some years, he studied in Rome and Spain where he received his doctorate in Theology with a specialty in Church History.
He was ordained in l981 in Spain by Cardinal Roger Etchegaray and has spent most of his pastoral work as a priest dealing with university students and priests on the East Coast.
Father C. John serves as an adviser to Christendom College, the Coming Home Network, Culture of Life, and to Single Catholics. He is the U.S. representative for the ecclesiastical faculties of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome and the University of Navarre in Pamplona Spain.
Father McCloskey's Writings Highlights:

  • The Family: Seedbed of Vocations
  • Review of "An Education for Our Time" by Josiah Bunting II
  • Review of "The Barbarian Conversion" by Richard Fletcher
  • Winning New Converts



Chuck Lewis (Field Reporter, St. Louis)

Marital Status: Married; father of 4 children

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Allentown University; Master’s degree in  Moral Theology, St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia;  graduate of the Fund for American Studies, Georgetown  University

Professional Experience:

Present President, Holy Redeemer Foundation; Senior Vice

President of Holy Redeemer Health System

Other Experiences: Principal, Longshore and Simmons healthcare consulting  firm

Secretary for External Affairs of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Congressional Aide


James Hitchcock

Professional  Experience:

1964 -1965 Instructor in History, St. John’s University

1966 - 1968 Assistant Professor of History, St. John’s University

1968 - 1971 Associate Professor of History, St. Louis University

1971 - Present Professor of History, St. Louis University

1975 -1976 Acting Chair, Department of History, St. Louis University

1984 - 1986 Acting Chair, Department of History, St. Louis University

1988-1992 Professor of Law in History, St. Louis University