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The Holy Father made his way down the aisle as pilgrims and seminarians threw themselves at his feet to pay homage to the Vicar of Christ on Earth. As the Holy Father approached the altar and waved to the pilgrims and dignitaries in attendance for the Solemn Mass, the choir sang a melody of favorite Latin American hymns including one, which the choir emphatically stated "You are Peter and the gates of Hell will not prevail against you!" .

The Solemn Mass was dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The readings pertained to the Visitation, where Mary went to see her cousin Elizabeth. As Mary approached, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaped with joy and Elizabeth stated, "Hail, Full of Grace, the Lord is with You."

Fr. Dan Gagnon, Diocese of Mexico City, stated "I feel like I am in the Cynical when the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles. I feel this is what the Holy Father meant as he referenced the importance of the New Evangelization. This is what the Holy Father has been preparing us for". The Mass is expected to be very Marian, prayer petitions of the Faithful are to be given in various languages, Navajo, Spanish, and English. The Holy Father will hand out the Apostolic Exhortation. The Offertory Gifts at the Mass particularly the chalice and paten where gifts from Puerto Rico and various countries. Many religious organizations were represented including, the Knights of Malta and various religious organizations that I didn’t even know existed. Yes, he ended here.

In his opening remarks the Holy Father stated, "I come to Mexico again. I come to this Basilica, This very same sanctuary under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the same joy and hope of Juan Diego and the holy martyrs and saints of this land. Tremendous joy I find with all of you who represent the Church of all the continents------all those who will share in this Eucharist. I will give to you the Apostolic Exhortation. Titled Church in Americas, which your Bishops have worked so very hard on. l place this document under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I place the fruits of this document under her protection as we prepare for the 3rd Millennium and we prepare for the great coming of the Jubilee Year."

Cardinal Rivera’s opening remarks

"It has been twenty years since your Pontificate. Since then your Holiness you have been our support and our comfort throughout the centuries, especially with respect to human rights and Christ’s merciful love. Dear Holy Father, you continued to show love and you continue to do so as you returned to this land with a heart full of love. You come to us under the Protection of the Virgin of Tepeyac. It has now been 20 years since the Holy Father has fallen in love with the Virgin of Guadalupe to manifest the love for the family and young people. Your words and your deeds are an example to us as in the Apostolic Exhortation - Church in Americas."