The Preparation for the Great Jubilee
Second Vatican Council
Pope John Paul II
Remote Preparation
Immediate Preparation
1997- The Year of Jesus
1998 - The Year of the Holy Spirit
1999 - the Year of the Father
Remote Preparation

The Holy Father mentions other forms of remote preparation, other than the Council and its great patrimony of teaching.

1. The activities of the popes to preserve world peace in the face of grave threats to it.

WWI - Pope St. Pius X, Benedict XV

WWII - Pius XI and Pius XII

2. The tremendous social encyclicals and teachings of the popes since Pope Leo XIII.

3. The papal messages for peace, begun on 1 January 1968 by Pope Paul VI, who declared each January 1st to be a World Day of Peace.

4. The papal journeys of evangelization of the recent Popes, beginning with the modest excursions of Pope John XXIII outside the Vatican and continuing with the international travels of Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II.

5. The various national Jubilee celebrations that have recently occurred:

a. Sixteen Hundred Fifty Years: From consecration of first Ethiopian Bishop, St. Frumentius (340-1990)

b. Fifteen Hundred Years: From Baptism of Clovis, King of the Franks (496-1996)

c. Fourteen Hundred Years: From the mission of St. Augustine of Canterbury to England (597-1997)

d. Millenniums: Poland (966-1966), Hungary (968-1968), Rus (988-1988)

e. Seventh Centenary: First Catholic mission to China (1294-1994)

f. Sixth Centenary: Lithuania (1387-1987)

g. Fifth Centenary: Congo/modern Angola (1491-1991), Americas (1492-1992), arrival of Portuguese in India (1500-2000)

h. Fourth Centenary: See of Manila (1595-1995), Japanese martyrs (1597-1997)

i. Centenary: arrival of missionaries in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Burundi & Burkina Faso and several other African nations which recently celebrated centenaries

6. The recent Holy Years, especially:

1975 - the most recent Jubilee of the Incarnation (Paul VI)

1983 - the Jubilee of the Redemption (1950 years)

1986-87 - the 2000th anniversary of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

7. A decade, the 1980s, that included the end of the Cold War, through the "invisible hand of Providence at work with maternal care.."

8. The Year of the Family (1994) and the  Letter to Families, calling each family to be involved in the preparation for the Jubilee.