Great Jubilee News
THE POPE INVITES US TO REFLECT ON THE MYSTERY OF THE TRINITY VATICAN CITY, JAN 19, 2000 (VIS) - The Holy Father's catechesis today was the first in a
series on the contemplation of the mystery of God. This theme is in keeping with the Apostolic
Letter "Tertio millennio adveniente" where the Pope wrote that the aim of the celebration of this
Jubilee year is "to give glory to the Trinity, from whom everything in the world and in history
comes and to whom everything returns."

Speaking to the faithful gathered in the Paul VI Hall for the general audience, the Pope said:
"Drawing inspiration from an image of the Book of the Apocalypse, we can compare this task to
the journey of a pilgrim along the banks of the river of God, in other words, of His presence and
His revelation in the history of men."

John Paul II said that today "we will consider the two extremities of that river, the source and the
estuary, uniting them in a single horizon. The Holy Trinity lies at the very roots of existence and of
history and is present in their final culmination. It constitutes the beginning and the end of the
history of salvation. Between the two extremes" the vicissitudes of life take place, marked by sin
and by grace.

"The mystery of the Trinity," he went on, "far from being a dry and intellectual truth, is life that
abides within us and sustains us. In this Jubilee year, our reflections spring from this trinitarian life
which precedes and lays the foundation for the creation."

The Pope added that God "is love in His innermost life, where the trinitarian energy is precisely the
expression of the eternal love with which the Father begets the Son and both of Them mutually
give Themselves in the Holy Spirit. This is love in relation to the world."

He concluded: "If the eyes of our heart, illuminated by the revelation, become sufficiently pure and
penetrating, they become capable of finding, within the faith, this mystery in which everything that
exists has its roots and foundation."