Great Jubilee News
ARCHBISHOP CHAPUT ASKS COMMITMENT AND JOY FOR HOLY YEAR Denver, 7 (NE) "Each year, we open our hearts for the Lord Jesus to be born new again in our lives", said Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, during a message addressed to faithful reflecting about Christmas and the Holy Year. In his message, the Prelate recalled that Pope
John Paul II asked that "we prepare for the Jubilee through repentance and personal conversion, so that we might enter the new millennium with commitment and joy". Archbishop Chaput called Catholics in Denver to approach with a Christian view to the millennium now starting. "Even if some people approach the new millennium with anxiety, we Catholics should enter it with overwhelming joy -said the Archbishop-. Like the shepherds who were visited by angels on the first Christmas, we should be filled with awe and jubilation before God's boundless love and generosity. And we should be inspired to serve Him and each other with renewed zeal."