Great Jubilee News
JUBILEE, "TIME OF AUTHENTIC RECONCILIATION," SAYS BISHOP TO COSTA RICANS  San Jose, 6 (NE) Within the frame of the Great Jubilee of Year 2000, the Bishop of the Diocese of Limon, Costa Rica, Francisco Ulloa Rojas, addressed faithful pointing out that the Jubilee is "a time of authentic reconciliation." "We prepare ourselves to cross -he pointed- the threshold of this time of grace and reconciliation, in which we want to celebrate with happiness and gratitude the 2000 years of the Incarnation of the Son of God in the Immaculate womb of the Virgin Mary." 
Bishop Ulloa referred as well to the Jubilee as a "favorable time in order to reaffirm our faith and to rediscover the true friendship with the Lord. It is an opportunity to break away with everything that prevents us from living in peace with ourselves, with God and with others." The Bishop's message closed with a plea to Mary "the first to shelter the Son of God and with loving faith to present Him", so that She may "help us all to open our hearts wide open to Christ, our Redeemer."