Great Jubilee News


Rome, 29 (NE) Tens of thousands of religious and lay people, belonging to all the parishes and
eclesial associations and movements in Rome, gathered yesterday at St. Peter's Square to
celebrate with Pope John Paul II the Jubilee of Rome. During the Eucharist celebration, Cardinal
Camillo Ruini, Vicar general for the Diocese of Rome, greeted the Pope in the name of Roman
faithful. Roman children, youth and families "feel strengthened and accompanied by your heartfelt
defense of beauty and holiness in families, the elder see in you a father and a brother who helps
them see themselves never alone. They all say today, in one voice, 'Thank you' to His Holiness."

After the Cardinal's address, the Pope said during his homily that "today's meeting of Rome's
eclesial community, in the heart of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, recalls in everyone the
memory of its apostolic origin, the memory of Peter, the first Shepherd of the City". Over his
tomb, the Pope continued, "gather around many pilgrims during these months, from all the places
of the Earth, to celebrate the Jubilee of the Incarnation of the Lord and profess the same faith of
Peter in Christ".

The Holy Father also said that with the visits of pilgrims, "once again it is evidenced the
particular vocation the divine Providence has reserved to Rome: being the point of reference for
communion and unity of all the Church". Afterwards, the Pope stressed that the Church in Rome
has the "specific duty of 'presiding in Charity' over the Christian 'oikoumene'".