Great Jubilee News
To Take Place in Rome from August 14-20 

VATICAN CITY, MAR 5 (ZENIT).- Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Vicar of the diocese of Rome, has appealed to residents of the Eternal City to open their homes to some 600,000 young pilgrims on the occasion of their special Jubilee, which will be held in Rome from August 14-20. The Cardinal requests a simple welcome, with a few square feet made available for youngsters to retire in their sleeping bags and have
the experience of being welcomed by Roman families in various Catholic parishes.
Millions of copies of the Cardinal's request are being distributed among Romans. 
"Rome is a great city because it has a welcoming heart. Next summer, Rome will
also be the youngest city of the world. Let us open our homes to make the youth
feel at home," the Cardinal's leaflet reads. It is being distributed in parishes and
homes by missionaries and young volunteers involved in Youth Days. 
In addition to the Cardinal's circular, there is a form on which Romans can indicate
their willingness to house young pilgrims. Once completed, the parishes will send
the forms to the Committee preparing the Youth Jubilee. For additional information,
see the official web page ( ). 
On April 2, there will be a diocesan day, including initiatives in parishes' main
entrances, to make the public aware of the needs for this special Jubilee. Additional
volunteers are required for the mid-August event. It is estimated that this will be the
Jubilee event attracting the greatest number of pilgrims.