Great Jubilee News

10,000 Visitors Expected

TURIN, ( The Jubilee special exposition of the Shroud of Turin will open on August 12;
10,000 visitors are expected, many from Latin America and Eastern Europe. The Archdiocese of
Turin moved the opening date forward by 2 weeks to enable young people attending World Youth Day
in Rome (August 15-20) to view the Shroud.

50,000 youths have already made reservations to visit. There are a number of innovations in the
exposition compared to the one in 1998, some of which were suggested by youth, as Marco Bonatti
explained on Vatican Radio. Bonatti, member of the Archdiocesan Commission that organized the
event, is in charge of press relations during the exposition. "The youths made us see that, viewing the
image on the Holy Shroud, which reminds you of pain and suffering, something that apparently is far
from their lives, they feel challenged and have the need to continue with the spiritual search that
brought them here. Because of this, and being, moreover, the exposition that takes place during the
Jubilee year, we have prepared a viewing environment of prayer and reflection."

Before seeing the Shroud in which, according to tradition, Jesus' body was wrapped after the
Crucifixion, the pilgrim passesthrough three areas that invite meditation on the figure of Christ.
Obviously, no one is obliged to follow the reflection. After viewing the Holy Shroud, visitors will have
the possibility to go to a chapel: one with confessors in various languages, and another with adoration
of the Blessed Sacrament, which will be exposed throughout the day.

In addition, there is an exposition dedicated to charity, a real novelty, as it was designed by young art
students. In particular, they focus on the epic of the saints of Turin, the most industrial city of Italy.
They succeeded in having both Catholic and secular newspapers run one-page articles on the various