Great Jubilee News
ROME'S AIRPORT CHAPEL OFFERS JUBILEE INDULGENCE ROME, (ZENIT).- In addition to the eight locations named in the Bull opening the Jubilee for receiving the indulgence (St. Peter's, St. Paul Outside the Walls, St. John Lateran, St. Mary Major, St. Lawrence, Holy Cross of Jerusalem, Shrine of Divine Love, and the Catacombs), various other sites have been designated. Perhaps the most surprising is the chapel in Rome's Fiumicino airport. Fr, Alberto Papi, deputy chaplain at the airport, says that it takes about an hour to gain the indulgence and it can often be done during layovers between flights.

On October 29, the Athlete's Jubilee, Rome's Olympic stadium will provide the Jubilee indulgence, and for World Youth Day (August 19-20), the locations of the Masses will also provide indulgences. To receive any indulgence, a Catholic must be free of all voluntary ties to sins, even venial, must complete the specified act, must receive Communion and go to Confession (these can be done within a week before or after the act), and pray for the Pope's intentions. For the visiting of a church or location to count, the pilgrim must take part in a
religious ceremony there or spend a designated time in prayer.