Great Jubilee News
Faithful to Gather Nightly in St. Peter's Square

VATICAN CITY, 15 DEC 1999 (ZENIT)   Beginning December 26, and throughout the entire Jubilee period, all pilgrims in Rome will be able to meet in St. Peter's every evening for prayer.

According to a press statement of the Vatican Committee for the Preparation of the Jubilee, the Holy Year's "Evening Prayer" will last a half hour and will begin with a reading from the Gospel, followed by singing of the Creed and prayer for the Pope. It will end with singing of the Our Father and the apostolic blessing imparted by a bishop on behalf of John Paul II.

The Jubilee Committee clarified that there have been misunderstandings regarding the Evening Prayer. Some have erroneously spread the news that the Pope will appear at his window every evening to bless the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square. This is not, in fact, in the plans. However, it would not be surprising if John Paul II decided to join the pilgrims in Evening Prayer from time to time during the Jubilee Year.

During the winter, the prayer will begin at 7 p.m., and in summer at 7:30 p.m. It will be held every day with the exception of those days when a Jubilee celebration of general interest is scheduled.