Sharing God Together
Mother M. Angelica

Religious Communities and families will find in these Morning, Noon and Night Prayers a spring board for a deeper spiritual life during the day. These prayers are MINI-SPIRITUAL EXERCISES for busy people.

The following suggested reading material that may be used during the period of meditation time will give spiritual continuity to the day. The meditation MINI-BOOK used is small enough to be carried throughout the day to provide spiritual thoughts for "on the job" inspiration.


His Silent Presence
Three Keys to the Kingdom
The Father's Splendor
My Life in the Rosary


In His Sandals
I Am His Temple
Journey Into Prayer


Jesus Needs Me
Sons of Light
No Greater Love


The Fruits of His Love
In the Shadow of His Light


To Leave and Yet to Stay
The Divine Personality of Jesus


Living Way of the Cross
Living Prayer
The Healing Power of Suffering
Dawn on the Mountain


The Promised Woman
Ad Lib with the Lord
Inside the Kingdom

Beginning the Day

"Oh God, let my words come to Your ears, spare a thought for my sighs. Listen to my cry for help. (Ps. 5:1)

Let my soul rise to You, my God, like the incense of the morning sacrifice. Look upon this day as a holocaust in which I sacrifice my will to You. My weaknesses loom before me and make the brightness of this new day a bleak desert. My past proves I have often failed You but there is a cry in my heart, a longing in my soul that quiets my thoughts and gives me the courage to tackle this day with renewed vigor.

Does Your Majesty look upon me with compassion as I rise and fall so often? Are You pleased when my desires far exceed my accomplishments? I desire to proclaim Your Goodness from the housetops but my life barely whispers Your Name. I am a spiritual giant in my goals while the fruit I bear speaks only of little things.

Regardless of my failings, dear God, You have given me a new day in which to begin, a new time to grow, new opportunities to love, new people to care for, new crosses to bear. I dedicate these moments of time You have allotted me to Your Eternal Word living and breathing in His Resurrected Body and present in the Holy Eucharist.

Like Mary, I wish to ponder in my heart the mysteries of this day.-I want to see Your Face in the suffering, Your hunger in the poor, Your loneliness in the aged. Let the power of Your Spirit permeate my being so His Presence may radiate through me like a quiet ray of sunshine in a darkened room.

I do not know what new pain, fatigue, suffering or surprises this day will bring, but I offer it all to You as a drop in the ocean of His suffering and His Redemption.

Let my soul stand tall and strong as the spirit of this world swirls around it. Let my roots go deeper into the soil of Faith that Hope may ever rise higher and higher above the discouragement that so often attacks my being.

For these few passing moments I desire to lose myself in Your Divine Perfections. I raise my mind and heart to You and as the thought of Your Attributes pass through my being, let something of those perfections cling to my soul like oil on a wound. I do not ask for things beyond me only that Your Power may penetrate my weakness, Your Compassion break down my cold heart, Your Patience cover my impetuosity and Your Love mellow my harshness.

"I say this prayer to You, God, for at daybreak You listen for my voice and at dawn I hold myself in readiness for You." "Let us wake in the morning filled with Your Love and sing and be happy all our days." (Ps.5:4; 90:13,14)


Divine Essence, who alone art holy, I bow before Your Being, (R) Let me share Your Holiness.

Divine Unity and Simplicity, in whom there is no complexity, (R) Make me simple and sincere.

Divine Eternity, without beginning and without end, giver of immortality, (R) Make me good and kind.

Divine Wisdom, who designed the length and depth of creation, (R) Make me wise enough to see Your form behind everything. Divine Power, creating and sustaining all things with an act of Your Will, (R) Give me strength to accomplish the things You want me to do.

Divine Providence, whose mantle covers every facet of my life with loving care, (R) Give me perfect trust that I may work for the needs of today without concern for tomorrow.

Divine Knowledge, from whom nothing is hidden and nothing is forgotten, (R) Let me penetrate the mysteries of Your Being that I may share Your Life.

Divine Immanence, who penetrates all things and stoops to live in me, (R) Let me radiate Your Son and glorify You through the Holy Spirit.

Divine Infinity, which embraces all possible perfections, (R) Give me a share in Your perfections so my neighbor may see You in me. Divine Truth, in whom there is no shadow of deception, (R) Make me truthful and honest in my dealings with others. Divine Light, in whom all things are visible (R) Enlighten my soul that I may not live in darkness.

Divine Immensity, that fills and contains all things, (R) Possess me through and through that I may be all things to all men. Divine Mercy, infinite and without measure, (R) Let me forgive and forget with love and compassion.

Divine Peace, ever tranquil and serene in the midst of turmoil, (R) Let me maintain a quiet spirit and be strong enough to accept adversities with peace. Divine Joy, who alone art the source of all happiness, (R) Give me that joy that no man can take away from me. Divine Justice, who judges everything in the light of truth through the eyes of mercy, (R) Grant I may not judge my neighbor's motives, but give him the benefit of the doubt. Divine Immutability, ever the same and never changing, (R) Make my vacillating will stronger that I may not stray from the path of holiness.

Divine Omnipresence, behind me, before me and around me, (R) Let me see Your Face in everything so all Your creation may speak to me of Your beauty.

Divine Compassion, so patient and understanding, (R) Let me be sympathetic with my neighbor's needs and give him my love as well as my deeds.

(Time is allowed here for silent prayer, meditation or contemplation as the Spirit leads. Suggested readings for this time are given in section on format.)


"God, you are my God; I am seeking You, my soul thirsting for You, my flesh longing for Youa land parched, weary and waterless: I long to gaze on You in the Sanctuary and to see Your power and glory.

Your love is better than life itself, my lips will recite Your praise; all my life I will bless You, in Your Name I lift up my hands; my soul will feast most richly, on my lips a song of joy and in my mouth, praise." (Ps. 63:1-5)

O Mary, my Mother, help me today to be like Jesus in thought, word and deed.


My Jesus, I look back on this morning and find I have had some success and some failure in my efforts to be like You. There were times my cross seemed unbearable and other times I did not know it was there.

There were people in my path who touched off painful weaknesses in my soul-weaknesses I did not want to see. I forgot Your many disguises and failed to appreciate the opportunity to change and be more like You. I humbly acknowledge my faults and put them all in the furnace of Your Love. Consume them, refine them like tarnished gold in the fire and let the purifying power of Your Spirit renew my soul for greater things this afternoon.

Give to those I have offended many graces; make them holy. Bless those who have offended me and forgive them for they did not mean to hurt me.

Give courage to the sick whose nerves are frayed from pain and whose strength is almost gone. Snatch sinners from destruction and give them the grace of final repentance.

I place at Your feet the sins of the world. (R) Precious Blood of Jesus wipe them away. I place in Your Heart the coldness of Your creatures. (R) Sacred Heart of Jesus, inflame them with love.

I place in Your Mercy prisoners, dope addicts, alcoholics, the bored and those in despair. (R) Merciful Jesus, touch their souls with the living water of Grace.

I place in Your Arms the aged, the youth, the retarded, the working man and his family. (R) Provident Jesus, keep them all in Your care.

(There may be time here for personal intentions.)

Lord Jesus, give me an awareness of Your Divine Presence within me and my neighbor. Let the radiance of that Presence shine ever brighter in my soul despite the frailties within it.

Let me rise after every fall with renewed hope in Your powerful grace and let my love reach the most abandoned. I place this afternoon in, Your Hands so it may rise to the Father as a pleasing sacrifice.

"I thank You, O God, with all my heart, because You have heard what I have said. In the presence of the Angels I play for you and bow down towards Your holy Temple.

I give thanks to Your Name for Your Love and faithfulness; Your promise is even greater than Your fame. The day I called for help You heard me and You increased my strength.

Though I live surrounded by trouble, You keep
me alive...You stretch Your hand out and save
me; Your right hand will do everything for me."
(Ps. 138:1-3; 7,8)


The day is over, my Lord. I thank You for it all. I wish I had corresponded to the Sacrament of the Moment in a more fervent way, but I give you instead a humbled heart.

I did acquire self-knowledge and that is the beginning of wisdom. Your grace was ever present though I did not always use its power. It has been a good day, for my failings have given me self-knowledge and my successes have manifested Your Presence in me. This has been Your work, Holy Spirit, and I praise You for it. You use every scrap of my weaknesses to make me humble, every virtue to make me more like Jesus, every opportunity to increase grace in my soul, every circumstance to show me His Will. You are the Sanctifier, the Spirit sent to heal my wounds and give me a new birth.

I rest tonight secure because Your Love for me is beyond my unworthiness and surpasses all understanding. I unite my love to the love of Jesus and offer it to You in reparation for all the coldness and indifference in the world. My day proved to me that I do not love You as I ought. My will is strong and I cling to it and find it hard to unite it to Your Will. And yet, this is the proof of love. It is not my knowledge of Your Goodness, or the consolations of Your Presence that draws You to my soul-no-it is my need for Your Mercy. My emptiness calls out for Your Love and my nothingness reaches for Your creative Power to change me, mold me and sanctify me.

There were times today when my soul was trapped between the world and my own selfishness-a time when darkness enveloped me as if to swallow me up in the tomb of hopelessness. Was it not Your Presence that seemed to clasp my hand and guide my faltering steps to a new dawn? Was I not somehow made cleaner by the passage through darkness and desperation? Your ways are truly not my ways but they are more certain than the sun that rises in the morning.

(A short meditation may be made here)


The battles of today are over and I come home wounded but determined to attain greater heights tomorrow. Your Grace in me is more powerful than my weaknesses.

I give You my sleep tonight and I ask that as my body rests, my heart and soul may rest in Your Love. Let Faith quiet the fear that torments me in the night. Let Hope relax my conscience with trust in Your Mercy. Let Love surround me like a blanket so the silence of the night may be like Your gentle voice singing me to sleep.

Instill within me that confidence that knows "no disaster can overtake me for You have put Your Angels in charge of me to guard me wherever I go ...You rescue all who cling to You. You protect me because I know Your Name. You answer me whenever I invoke You and You are with me when I am in trouble." (Ps. 91:10-15)

Protect me from the Enemy as I lay down my defenses to prepare for new battles tomorrow. Let my thoughts be in Your Heaven as my body rests in exile. Listen to the pleas of Mary as she intercedes in my behalf. Do not remember my sins but rather clothe me with the cloak of innocence.

Good Night, dear God, and may every breath I take this night praise Your Holy Name.


The author prays that all those who read this booklet will have a deeper awareness of the Father's Mercy, the Son's Love and the Spirit's Power.

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